Spicy Ginger Garlic Shrimp Skewers

Spicy Ginger Garlic Shrimp Skewers
Spicy Ginger Garlic Shrimp Skewers with 90+ Cellars Reserve Sancerre
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What makes a better savory pair than ginger and garlic? They are like the peanut butter and jelly of the savory world, and they are perfect with shrimp! So, we took this fabulous flavor combo and created a delicious marinade for shrimp! These Spicy Ginger Garlic Shrimp Skewers are quick and easy to make and are packed with a ton of flavor!

What’s in the marinade?

The shrimp marinade is the key to this dish and takes the shrimp to another level. It requires a decent amount of ingredients, but all of them are easily found at almost any grocery store, or even online grocery delivery these days. As a matter of fact, most of these ingredients you likely already have in your pantry!

So don’t fret over the long ingredient list! Also, it is completely worth it for the flavor you get with these tasty shrimp!

Prepping the Shrimp

We typically buy shrimp with tails and shells intact, but you can buy what you like or what you can find. We recommend buying shrimp with tails on, although this is not necessary, but it does add a nice little handle to each shrimp for easy snacking. Hey, it’s Summer and finger foods are completely fine with us!

Shrimp Grilling Tips
It is important to not overcook your shrimp! Read our tips for grilling shrimp to achieve the perfect doneness!

Shrimp Grilling Tips

Shrimp are quite easy to grill, and you shouldn’t be intimidated at all by doing this. Skewering your shrimp will certainly make life easier, like we did in this recipe. You can grill large shrimp without skewers, and they are easy to turn with tongs.

The absolute most important thing to remember when grilling shrimp (or cooking in any fashion) is NOT to overcook them. Shrimp are relatively forgiving when it comes to cooking, but a one-ounce shrimp will not tolerate being cooked for too long or it will be a rubbery mess. And even such a small piece of protein will continue to cook (carryover) after it is removed from the grill. Even if it is 2 degrees of internal temperature carryover, it will matter if you grill your shrimp to the limit of doneness. 

So, what does that mean and how do you know when your shrimp are done?

The best answer is as soon as the meat turns opaque. But unless you’ve done this a few times, that’s difficult to determine. Furthermore, every grill is different and, in the case of wood or charcoal grills, every fire is unique as well. So there really isn’t an answer that is equivalent to cooking rice. A good rule of thumb is to cook your shrimp over direct and high heat until they loosely curl.

“A good rule of thumb is to cook your shrimp over direct and high heat until they loosely curl.

If they are in the shells (and you plan to serve them that way (or take the shells off after cooking), the shrimp will probably need an extra minute of total cooking time.

Spicy Ginger Garlic Shrimp Skewers
We serve these grilled shrimp with a delicious cilantro lime rice and quinoa side dish.

But if you have “jumbo” shrimp (about 1 ounce each, peeled) they will be done after about 3-5 minutes per side. That range sounds way too unhelpful, but there are so many variables. If you cook your shrimp with the lid on your grill, it will be closer to 3 minutes and if uncovered closer to 4-5. If your fire is super-hot it may even be 2 minutes per side!

Keep an Eye on your Shrimp!

It’s important to keep an eye on your shrimp – like an eagle. Don’t go swimming once your shrimp hit the grates! Stay close by and check your shrimp after a few minutes.

If you have an extra shrimp on hand, pull it off the grill, slice it open on the thickest end and check for doneness. If the flesh is still raw, keep cooking. You will know it’s done if it’s white inside and still soft to the touch. If it’s white but as hard as a bicycle tire, then you’ve gone too far, and you should have an amazing sauce to cover up for this error!

A few times grilling shrimp and you’ll soon figure out that it is pretty easy as long as you don’t forget about it or cook it like a hot dog – they’re not that forgiving! Keep an eye on them and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts!

What to Serve with Spicy Ginger Garlic Shrimp Skewers

90+ Reserve Sancerre
The 90+ Cellars Reserve Sancerre pairs perfectly with this shrimp recipe

We like to serve this shrimp with a good rice and quinoa combo with cilantro and lime flavors and made with chopped bell peppers. This combo pairs perfect with the heat and flavor of the shrimp. Find the recipe below! If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, check out our Grilled Romaine and Pear Steakhouse Salad to pair with this dish as well.

Wine Pairing

Although we grill all year around, we definitely do a lot more grilling during the spring and summer months. And when you are outside grilling in the heat on a beautiful summer day you need a vibrant and refreshing wine to sip on! We recently tried the 90+ Cellars Reserve Sancerre and it blew us away! We always enjoy Sauvignon Blanc wines, especially with shrimp and seafood dishes, but this one has quickly become our newest obsession.

The 90+ Cellars Reserve Sancerre has soft floral and citrus aromas and flavors of grapefruit. It pairs wonderfully with the spice of our shrimp recipe and is the perfect refreshing sip on any warm afternoon!

Spicy Ginger Garlic Shrimp Skewers
Enjoy your summer with this delicious Spicy Ginger Garlic Shrimp and Sancerre wine pairing!


We hope you enjoy this recipe for Spicy Ginger Garlic Shrimp Skewers! If you give it a try, leave us a comment below or tag us on Instagram @cooking_with_wine.

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Spicy Ginger Garlic Shrimp Skewers

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These Spicy Ginger Garlic Shrimp Skewers are quick and easy to prepare, and they are packed with a ton of flavor!


  • For the Shrimp
  • 2 lbs 2 large or jumbo shrimp – peeled and deveined with the tails left on

  • 1/3 cup 1/3 minced ginger (1.75 oz or 50g)

  • 7-8 cloves of minced garlic (20-25g)

  • 2 tsp 2 crushed red pepper flakes

  • Juice of 1 lime (may need 1.5 or 2 if they aren’t juicy)

  • 2 tbs 2 olive oil

  • 1 tsp 1 kosher salt

  • 1 tbsp 1 chopped mint leaves

  • 1 tsp 1 honey

  • 1 tsp 1 sambal oelek chile paste

  • 1 tsp 1 soy sauce

  • 1 tbsp 1 dry white or rosé wine

  • pinch of black pepper

  • For the Rice/Quinoa
  • 3/4 cup 3/4 basmati rice

  • 3/4 cup 3/4 quinoa

  • 2.5 cups 2.5 chicken stock

  • 1/2 cup 1/2 bell pepper – small dice

  • 3 cloves minced garlic

  • Kosher salt to taste

  • 1/4 cup 1/4 finely chopped cilantro


  • For the Shrimp
  • Combine all ingredients (add the shrimp at the end) for the marinade and let sit in a bowl or bag for 20-30 minutes. Skewer the shrimp and grill – about 2-3 minutes per side – on a hot grill. Remove and serve with the rice/quinoa.
  • For the Rice and Quinoa
  • On high heat, warm the stock up to almost a boil and add the basmati and quinoa as well as the pepper and garlic to the saucepan. Bring back to a boil, turn the heat down to the lowest setting and cover, cooking for 15 minutes. Season with some kosher salt and add the chopped cilantro. Stir in and serve with the grilled shrimp.

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