7 Summer Cocktails You Must Make


Warm sunny days, cool drinks, relaxing by the pool, lazy summer afternoons… and all the things we love about summer! But mainly, the cocktails of course! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 7 summer cocktails that you must make this year! Are you ready to start sippin’? We are!

1. Peach Elderflower Frosé

Let’s be honest, frozen concoctions are an absolute must during the Summer! And a Frosé (frozen Rosé) is the best way to enjoy anything frozen. But if you are thinking these won’t give you that poolside buzz you are craving, think again. This version of a wine slushee has brandy and Elderflower liqueur for that extra punch!

Frozen peach cocktail - Peach Elderflower Frosé
Peach Elderflower Frosé

2. Boozy Berry Smoothies

Continuing on with the frozen blended drink vibes with fresh fruit, we give you the Boozy Berry Smoothie. Perfect as a Summer Brunch Cocktail or make it your lunch replacement if you’d like… because Smoothies are healthy right?! This Boozy Smoothie calls for Port Wine, but it is also fantastic with some additional rum if you prefer. And we always prefer a rum floater!

Frozen Boozy Berry Smoothies
Boozy Berry Smoothies

3. Strawberry Basil Pink Martini

If you are pretending to be more classy than a blended drink implies, how about a martini?? Because who wants ice to water down our alcohol anyway?? If you love a strong drink, but want all the flavors of a fruity cocktail, this Strawberry Basil Pink Martini is for you! This martini is composed of Pink Gin, Dry Gin, and Strawberry Liqueur and will definitely take you straight to frolicking amongst the strawberry fields… it’s not for the faint of heart. It is so tasty though, so beware. It will sneak up on you and result in unexpected napping if you drink it like KoolAid. But unexpected napping in the heat of summer isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can also add a touch of club soda for some fizz and to tone it down slightly.

Chilled Strawberry Basil Martini
Strawberry Basil Martini

4. Passion Fruit Cocktails

The unofficial mascot of summer has to be Passion Fruit! So, of course we make sure this deliciously sweet and tart fruit ends up in our cocktails. And here we have two for you, so consider this a freebie! The Passionate Ginger Whiskey Cocktail is for all of you whiskey lovers out there, but is also perfect for anyone who loves a fruity cocktail. On the other end of the alcohol spectrum is the Passion Fruit Gin Punch. Like any boozy punch, this is one of those refreshing cocktails that tastes like you will be dancing on the tables later, but in the best way!

5. Blue Grotto Empress Gin Martini

This beautiful gin cocktail will make you feel like you are vacationing in a yacht off the coast of Italy! It is made with cucumber juice and fresh ginger, giving it a nice fresh and crisp flavor. The blue-green hue comes from a combination of the color-changing indigo Empress 1908 Gin with the slightly alkaline cucumber juice. It is exactly what summer needs!

Blue Grotto Cucumber Ginger Empress Gin Martini
Blue Grotto Empress Gin Martini

6. Blackberry Thyme Old Fashioned

Next up on our Summer Cocktail list, here is a fun summery twist on a classic! This Blackberry Thyme Old Fashioned has all the flavors you love with an old fashioned, but with the addition of blackberries to brighten up the flavor and thyme for a slightly herbal taste.

Blackberry Thyme Old Fashioned
Blackberry Thyme Old Fashioned

7. Watermelon Dreams Cocktail

If you dream of sipping cocktails and lounging by the pool with a giant bowl of watermelon by your side, then you also need this cocktail in your hand! This is the most dreamy summer cocktail, with a homemade watermelon mint simple syrup and a touch of vanilla. You will be drinking this all summer at every cookout and pool party!

Watermelon Dreams Cocktail
Watermelon Dreams Cocktail

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